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Highlights from one of THETA's COVID Research Teams:

Dr. Murray Krahn and Dr. Girish Kulkarni leading teams from THETA Collaborative and UHN in a CIHR funded study entitled: The Response of Provincial Health Systems to COVID-19: Service Provision and Costs Across Health Sectors, First Nations and other populations. 

Using data from Ontario and B.C., the teams will explore the effect of COVID-19 on populations not diagnosed with the virus including First Nations peoples and remote populations in the two provinces.

To view this study and other COVID related research from THETA investigators, click the link below:



Health Modelling and Health Economics

THETA investigators are pursuing research on the development and novel application of statistical methods for economic evaluation.  Read more...


Clinical Research

THETA research activities include novel application of existing Biostatistics and Epidemiology methods or development of new ones in effort to facilitate all phases of prospective or retrospective studies for generating and strengthen clinical evidence for HTA. Read more ...


Health Policy and Ethics

The impacts of technological change in health care are profound, extending beyond increased costs and improved health outcomes to include altered patient and provider experiences, organizational and service change, and industrial growth and employment.

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